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About RE GEN

The World's First Dedicated 
Regenerative Agriculture Technology Accelerator

Our Action

We support start-ups with new technology at the nexus of soil health, sustainability and food production with investment, education, resources, mentorship, network access and ongoing business and financial support.
Farming Leafy Greens

Our mission is to help our agricultural systems integrate regenerative practices and enrich the soil we depend on for life. 

Our Story

As the founders of RE GEN, at Checkmate Capital, we are obsessed with soil.  Our portfolio company, Earth Holdings is a North American leader in a critical component of regenerative agriculture - composting.  Soil and soil health is a cornerstone of our investment philosophy and the company we built.   Along this journey, our network has grown to including the world’s most important Ag-Tech investors and businesses.  

Our Theory of Change

Agricultural production accounts for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with food waste as another key contributor. But while food production and consumption are key drivers of climate change, regenerative food systems have the inverse effect, helping us to significantly sequester carbon in soil, which in turn leads to healthier ecosystems both on land and in waterways. ​Studies indicate that it may have the potential to offset 100% of the GHG generated by agriculture.  

Regenerative food systems also significantly contribute to improvements in soil quality, which is another major area of concern.  50% of the soil needed to feed our world has been lost in just the past 150 years. 

Start-ups are uniquely wired to make rapid change and challenge the status quo.  They leverage agility and technology in ways that solve our most challenging problems related to soil and soil health.  They will create and scale the companies to drive $10T of sustainability focused solutions over the next five years.​

Thus, RE GEN supports and invests in solutions that make our agricultural systems regenerative.

Our Team

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